Our Worship

The worship services of Tucson Reformed Baptist Church are a special occasion, set on a special day. On the Lords day we are able to set aside our normal trials and struggles and come together and worship and learn from our Triune God.

There are several things about our worship that may be different than what a new visitor may be used to. Hopefully the following will help in understanding our worship. Some key features of out worship.

It is in the presence of God

We believe that as we meet together in Corporate worship it is in the presence of God. It is therefore not just a time of mere instruction, but a time when God ministers to us through His Word and sacraments, and we respond through prayer and song.

It is Biblical

We believe in the regulative principle of worship, which means that we only do those things in worship that God has commanded. This is done both to please God, and to protect the people of God from the traditions of man.

Our service is then structured in a “liturgy” or order of service. Our liturgy is centered upon the Word of God as it is read, sung, preached and received.

It is Centered on the Word & Sacraments

Since the service is in the presence of God, it is centered on those means that he has ordained for our growth. The majority of our service is taken up by the word. It is read, preached, and received through the sacraments. While our prayer and praise is an important part of the service, it is subservient and responsive to the Word and Sacrament.

It Is for Everyone

We believe that the gathering of God People should reflect image of Gods people. Instead of focusing our worship on one group or demographic, we strive to be a unified body that is made up of multiple races, cultures, age groups, and both the married and the single.